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NLAB Silica-250
NLAB Silica-250
Price: €100.00
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NLAB Materials is the one stop shop for nanoporous materials online. We are a part of a leading Swedish materials firm, Nanologica AB.

We specialize in developing novel nanoporous materials for use in a range of industries such as drug delivery, diagnostics, cosmetics, catalysis and bio-separation.

Our expertise lies in the design, characterization and production of various porous materials.

Our technology allows us to fabricate nanoporous structures with a variety of compositions such as silica, alumina and titania; giving us control over fundamental material characteristics such as optical, absorption, chemical and catalytic properties, to mention a few. 

In addition, we can control the size, shape, porosity, and functional chemical groups of the nanoporous surfaces enabling us to synthesize materials relevant to a wide range of applications.

Our materials possess extremely high surfaces areas in each composition, often above 1000 m2/g, and extremely sharp pore size distribution. 





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