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NLAB Silica-250
NLAB Silica-250
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Thin-films and Membranes:

Due to controlled pore characteristics and ease of synthetic approaches, we are capable of producing nanoporous silica thin films and membranes for various applications such as gas separations, adsorbents and bio-separation.

Specific application areas of porous thin-films and membranes:

- Waste water treatment for the separation of organic/water mixtures
- Adsorbents for removal of environmental pollutants such as CO2, H2S, Hg2+
- Ion selective gates for microfludic applications
- Heavy metal ion recovery
- Size dependent bio-separation of proteins and other bio-molecules.



Another interesting development of our materials is monolithic supports. It is a single piece of rigid, porous material comprising micro, meso and macro-pores (i.e hierarchical structures). The advantages of monolith supports relate to very efficient mass transport at low pressures, good separation efficiencies, high stability at high pressures and high porosity.

Porous monolithic materials have also been progressively used:

- As stationary-phase substrates in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ion exchange chromatography
- Industrial separation of bio-molecules (proteins, DNA)
- Separation of organic acids and inorganic anions