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NLAB Silica-250
NLAB Silica-250
Price: €100.00

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EIROSHELL™ is a patent protected product range of highly monodispersed, durable and reproducible porous core/shell silica particles manufactured by Glantreo. The proprietary process is completely tuneable allowing control over physical properties of the particles including the core and shell dimensions. The technology uses a sol gel templating approach to grow a porous silica layer on the solid silica core.

EIROSHELL™ allows researchers to improve results and increase productivity without large capital expenditures. By delivering significant improvements in speed and separation efficiency over traditional 3- and 5-micron columns, EIROSHELL™ allows scientists to get performance comparable to sub-2-micron columns without investing in UHPLC systems. With EIROSHELL™, researchers can achieve UHPLC results on any LC instrument.

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