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Porous Materials

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NLAB Silica-250
NLAB Silica-250
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Engineered Nanoporous Materials

Creation of a millimeter pore is as easy as making a hole by a needle. However, design of the pore at nano-scale is of challenging as it may require very good control over many parameters including Design, Composition, Structure and Function and that’s where the Nanologica’s technology involved.We are the leaders in designing and developing nanoporous materials with controlled properties such as:


Pore size: 1-30 nm, Surface Area: >500 m2/g,

From amorphous networks to hierarchical pore systems

Particle Shape: Spherical to Rod and to multifaceted,
Particle size: 0.5-5 μm combination

Silica, Alumina, Titania and combination of these

Surface chemistry:
Groups with –COOH, -SH, -NH2 , -CN, -Ph, -CH3 , -OH terminations anchored. Separate internal/external fictionalization.


Our technology allows us to fabricate nanoporous structures with homogeneous and heterogeneous compositions, which improve the basic properties of the materials including stability, compatibility and their performance over a wider range of conditions.

Our patented techniques allow us to control the size and structure of our nanoporous materials, which in-turn improves the diffusion properties. This unique feature allows us to change the performance characteristics of our products in a way that is not possible using traditional “Bulk” techniques.